Litestar Fullstack#

The Litestar Fullstack repository contains the reference code for a fully-capable, production-ready fullstack Litestar web application. It is intended to be used as a starting point for new projects and as a reference for how to build a large scale fullstack Litestar application.

You can take pieces as needed, or use the entire thing as a starting point for your project. It includes the following capabilities out of the box:

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It is built on the Litestar, ReactJS, Vite, SAQ, TailwindCSS and comes with great features to reference:

  • User creation, authentication, and authorization

  • Job/Task Queues via SAQ

  • Fully featured frontend stack with ReactJS (supports Vue, Angular, and all other JS frameworks) and native Vite integration via the litestar-vite plugin

  • Fully featured backend API with Litestar - Includes the utilization of Guards and team-based authentication, - Extensive CLI

  • Advanced logging with structlog

  • SQLAlchemy ORMs, including the Advanced Alchemy helper library by Jolt - UUIDv7 based Primary Keys using uuid-utils

  • AioSQL for raw queries without the ORM

  • Alembic migrations

  • Dockerized development and production environments

  • Test suite


To get started, check out the installation guide.


To see how to use the Litestar Fullstack, check out the usage guide.


We also provide an API reference which can be found at API Reference.