Getting Started#

The following is a guide to help you get this repository running.


Most of the development-related tasks are included in the Makefile (See: Development). To install an environment, with all development packages run:

make install

This command does the following:

  • Install pdm if it is not available in the path.

  • Create a virtual environment with all dependencies configured

  • Build assets to be hosted by production asset server

Edit .env configuration#

There is a sample .env file located in the root of the repository.

cp .env.example .env


SECRET_KEY, DATABASE_URI, and REDIS_URL are the most important config settings. Be sure to set this properly.

You can generate a SECRET_KEY by running:

 openssl rand -base64 32


Deploy Database Migrations#

You can run most of the database commands with the integrated CLI tool.

To deploy migration to the database, execute:

 app database upgrade
2023-06-16T16:55:17.048183Z [info     ] Context impl PostgresqlImpl.
2023-06-16T16:55:17.048251Z [info     ] Will assume transactional DDL.